igourmet Launches Apps for Dynamics ePlate

Nov 02, 2012

Items-of-the-month offerings include coffee, tea, salsa, the Pittston, Pa.-based online gourmet food and gift retailer, has launched three gourmet food payment applications for the battery-powered Dynamics ePlate credit card device. The offerings allow consumers to earn gourmet food from’s “Item-Of-The-Month” selections with every purchase.

When any of the three applications are selected, each consumer will earn the current “of the month” gourmet food item anywhere they use their ePlate credit card device. Current offerings include “Coffee of the Month,” “Tea of the Month” and “Salsa of the Month.” The selections are mailed directly to the consumer free of charge. When a years’ worth of selections are collected, the consumer will receive an additional gourmet food item and a special price on any of the “of the month” programs.

“Everyone loves coffee, tea and salsa and now you can earn these offerings simply by making your normal, everyday purchases,” said Spencer Chesman, CEO of igourmet. “The ability to turn the everyday into gourmet through this program will be great for our clients.”

Consumers can sign up for a battery-powered Dynamics ePlate credit card device at:

“The igourmet experience gives consumers both value and variety,” said Jeff Mullen, CEO of Dynamics. “One day a consumer may decide to earn different types of coffee while another day a consumer may decide to earn different types of tea.”

ePlate is connected to an ecosystem of experience providers that each delivers an individualized brand experience, through an application, to the consumer. Prior to a purchase, consumers select multiple experience applications on their smart phone, tablet, or computer to port to their ePlate device.