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Emerging Generational Pizza Trends

Jun 26, 2015
By TGR Edit Desk

New national study reveals unexpected findings

The goal of “Pizza Lovers in America 2015: Unexpected Findings From a Generational Look At Pizza Trends,” a new national study from Smart Flour Foods and the Center for Generational Kinetics, was to gain an understanding of current consumer attitudes about pizza and to uncover emerging trends across restaurants and retailers in the U.S.
The study found that 35 percent of Americans go out for pizza and buy frozen pizza at the store every month. This group was coined “pizza lovers,” and 1,004 of them were surveyed. The research revealed that the pizza lover in America looks opposite from popular perception. A jaw-dropping 63 percent of pizza lovers in the U.S. are women! 41 percent of those women are Millennials and 68 percent of ALL pizza lovers exercise two or more times per week.
So, not only are the majority of pizza lovers women, many are young and health conscious as well. To this group, natural ingredients and gluten-free options are very important, with 60 percent looking to avoid products that contain synthetic hormones, high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, and artificial preservatives. The research also determined that Millennials are driving many of today’s pizza trends and inspiring new behavior such as social sharing and turning to the Internet for pizza information.
The white paper for the study goes into a detailed demographic breakdown of the pizza lover and offers unexpected insights into their buying behavior and purchasing decisions. It also offers action strategies for retailers and restaurants. To request an executive summary or white paper can be ordered here. Larger copy of the accompanying infographic can be seen here.