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Earth Pride Organics Files Bankruptcy

Jun 16, 2017

 Two separate petitions filed

Earth Pride Organics, a family-owned business based in Lancaster, Pa. that brands itself as a developer of organic brands, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy late last month.

The company was founded five years ago and had grown to include American Specialty Foods, a sales and marketing company; C.O. Nolt Bakery Supply, a full-service company distributing in eastern Pennsylvania; EPX Trucking, a trucking company that allowed Earth Pride to distribute its own product more cost-effectively and efficiently; and Lancaster Fine Foods, a food producer making products like specialty jams, barbecue sauces and dips.

Earth Pride Organics and Lancaster Fine Foods filed two separate Chapter 11 bankruptcy petitions as both are “unable to pay its debts as they mature, and it is necessary for the company to reorganize,” managing member Michael Thompson wrote in the two separate filings.