Jan 03, 2014

Flavor Your Life Promotes Olive Oil Traceability System

PrintFlavor Your Life Promotes Olive Oil Traceability System  

Flavor Your Life, an E.U.-funded campaign, was created to educate consumers about the latest in olive oil industry news. One of its missions is to explain the advantages of adopting a traceability system that allows consumers to track the olives used to make a given bottle of olive oil.

Traceability has been an obligatory requirement for all European agro-alimentary businesses. However, there are standards within the traceability system that are voluntary and not required by law. By adopting these standards, businesses have added value to their products, improved their products, and have made them more appealing to consumers who can be more confident in purchasing traceable products.
One of the advantages of adopting a traceability program, for both businesses and consumers, is that the products produced would be obligated to meet all legal requirements. This system could allow the tracking of the origin of a product, process parameters, and strict management of quantities produced, which would aid in reducing production waste and could be used as a potential marketing tool.
Many consumers would feel more confident about buying a bottle of olive oil if they could trace its origins and determine exactly what they are getting. It gives the product its own story that people can partake in. In this way consumers are more informed and aware of the choices they have and the different prices available on the market.
Flavor Your Life campaign supported by the European Union, Unaprol and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, is dedicated to providing the latest in industry news and health information about European extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil enhances the flavors of your recipes while providing health benefits. Flavor Your Life campaign, the voice of olive oil production quality control, aims to educate consumers so they can make informed decisions when purchasing olive oil. 


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