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ChimiButter Is 2015 World Dairy Innovation Award Winner

Jul 09, 2015
By TGR Edit Desk

Chosen best butter or spread at 9th Global Dairy Congress

At the 9th Global Dairy Congress in Amsterdam in June, the World Dairy Innovation Award for best butter or spread went to ChimiButter from Samba Flavor Inc.
Since launching last year, ChimiButter has received accolades from celebrity chefs and food trend experts. As Nancy Kruse, speaker, food trend expert and the president of the Kruse Company, stated, "Chimibutter represents the combination of two major trends in the food industry: the growth of butter as consumers return to real foods and increasing interest in the sunny flavors of Latin America as consumers become more adventurous eaters. Chimibutter is a match made in heaven."
"We are honored to receive this prestigious award in recognition to our innovative approach in highlighting our signature blend of chimichurri herbs and spices," said Nadia Schwartz, CEO of Samba Flavor.

ChimiButter is available in two distinctive flavors: white wine and red wine.

  • White Wine – Artisanal herbed butter infused with white wine exhibits a sophisticated and balanced flavor that is reminiscent of delicate Italian sauces but with a distinct Latin burst of flavor that can only come from Chimichurri. It is great paired with seafood, pasta and poultry.
  • Red Wine – Artisanal herbed butter infused with red wine displays a richness and smoky depth of flavor imparted by an expertly chosen varietal of red wine. It is the perfect accompaniment for red meat and is delicious spread on crusty hearth-baked bread.
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