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Jan 4, 2012
Gourmet retailer imports cheeses, other specialty foods »
Jan 4, 2012
Four stores attract different customers »

Nov 3, 2011
Offers grants, launches microsite with tennis, eating tips »
Jun 28, 2010
After a strong March, consumer magazines online went into a spring swoon this April. Many destinations reporting to min’s exclusive digital boxscores recorded drops in audience and activity. But the bigger picture indicates that major media brand executives perhaps should beware of a general fragmentation away from their sites. »
Jan 18, 2010
Value, quality and functionality are the new buzzwords in housewares as manufacturers seek to find a middle ground for both penny-pinchers and investors in 2010. »
Dec 3, 2009
To be a successful retailer in today’s market, you need a lot of people: executives, managers, accountants, sales personnel and on and on. »
Sep 20, 2009
The three most influential trends in tabletop — updated neutrals, bright shots of color, and layered looks — promise to ease the worries of cautious retailers heading to the tabletop shows this fall while providing enough newness to excite consumers. »

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Sales reflect gains in the service and value-added deli sectors, as well as in produce, floral and alcohol..

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