Cat Cora’s Kitchen from Gaea Products S.A., Athens, Greece
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Liberty Richter/World Finer Foods
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Bloomfield NJ, USA
973-338-0300 x 136

Cat Cora’s Kitchen from Gaea Products S.A., Athens, Greece

Greek-American Iron Chef Cat Cora has her own line of Greek olive oils through Gaea Products. Cat Cora’s Kitchen offers several products, including Premium Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from cold-pressed, hand-picked koroneiki olives. The resulting flavor resembles well-balanced, green vegetables such as asparagus, freshly mown grass and green olives. This product won the Bronze Medal at the 2008 Los Angeles International EVOO Competition. All Gaea products are carbon neutral, meaning the impact of the company’s production process is offset by environmental initiatives. In addition, sales proceeds support Chefs For Humanity in the fight against hunger. The suggested retail price is $14.99 per 500-ml bottle. For more information, visit or contact Gaea’s U.S. distributor, U.S. Contact: Liberty Richter/World Finer Foods, Bloomfield, N.J., at 973-338-0300 x 136.

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