International Home + Housewares Show Preview


International Home + Housewares Show, March 18-21, McCormick Place, Chicago, www.housewares.org

Ice Molds
Zoku introduces a trio of ice molds that are BPA- and phthalate-free. Create edible, cooling shot glasses from ice, chocolate or even candy with Zoku's new Shooter Ice Molds. Simply fill the silicone molds with water or other liquids on the storage tray and freeze. Once frozen, easily peel back the flexible silicone to reveal a frozen shot glass, ready to be filled for sipping or shooting. No cold hands — thanks to the shooter base. Packaged in a set of four and available for shipment April 1. SRP: $16.99.

A new take on ice cubes, the Zoku Mixology Ice Molds Set creates slow melting, king-sized ice in three shapes: jack, sphere and cube. Designed to melt at a slow, even rate. The ice molds are simple to remove by pulling apart the silicone molds — no rinsing required. SRP: $19.99.

Also new is the Zoku Cheers Ice Tray that creates four extra-large (4.7-inch long) rectangular ice cubes adorned with high-spirited words — two "Cheers" and two "Salute." SRP: $9.99.
Zoku LLC, Hoboken, N.J., 516-394-3351, www.zokuhome.com, IHHS N8507

Ceramic Soup Pot
Emile Henry presents the new Soup Pot that is both a cook pot and a serving tureen designed for the stovetop, oven and table. Made in France from Burgundy clay, the pot ensures that heat is diffused evenly, cooks gently and maintains an optimal temperature throughout a meal. The high sides and upturned rim are designed to avoid boiling over during cooking or drips while serving with a ladle.

The Soup Pot is a winner of the 2017 Design PLUS Competition. This Flame ceramic pot can be used on all heat sources including gas, halogen, electric and induction with an induction disk. The lid fits snuggly to keep the heat in at the table. The pot is dishwasher-safe.

The 9-inch tall, 4-quart capacity pot features elegant curves and vivid color, a stylish serving dish for the table. The pot is available in Burgundy and Charcoal. SRP: $130.
Emile Henry USA, New Castle, Del., 302-326-4800, www.emilehenryusa.com, IHHS S860

This 4-in-1 tool makes quick work of cutting, pitting, slicing and scooping your favorite fruit. First, use the safety blade to cut open a ripe avocado. Squeeze the wrench around the pit, and then twist to remove. After you've used the safety blade to slice or cube as desired, use the loop to cleanly remove the avocado meat from its peel. The flexible loop easily adapts to fit any avocado —just squeeze the sides to adjust the scoop size.
Chef'n, Seattle, Wash., 866-843-3905, www.chefn.com, IHHS S4447

Cheesy Love Songs
Lifetime Brands adds several new items to its whimsical Fred & Friends line. Cheesy Love Songs cheese board looks like a retro mixtape. It provides the perfect conversation starter for entertaining at home. Made of durable, solid beechwood and measuring about 10.5 x 7 inches with laser-etched details. Packed in a full-color gift box. SRP: $20.
Lifetime Brands Inc., Garden City, N.Y., 516-740-6723, www.lifetimebrands.com, IHHS S1039

Fruit Infusion Flavor Jar
Infuse water, tea, spirits and more with delicious natural fruit flavors with the new Fruit Infusion Flavor Jar. The 45-ounce jar is easy to fill with sliced fruit and a beverage for a great robust flavor. The removable neck has a strainer to hold back fruit while you pour. The easy-grip cap with air-tight silicone seal helps keep beverages fresh. Shake for rapid infusion. The beverage may be continually refilled fur up to seven days or more without replacing fruit. Easily fits in the refrigerator. The crystal clear BPA-free jar is available in three colors: black, white and red. The jar is shipped with eye-catching, color photo label. SRP: $15.99.
Prodyne Enterprises, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., 909-484-1212, www.prodyne.com, IHHS S423

Mix Collection Cutting Boards
Dexas International introduces the Mix Collection Cutting Boards. These boards are a mashup of eco-friendly bamboo and Made in USA poly. They're made with food-safe resins and are ideal for both kitchen prep and serving. BPA-free. SRP: $29.99.
Dexas International Ltd., Coppell, Texas, 800-527-5197, www.dexas.com, IHHS S138

Ankarsrum Assistant Original
Since the 1940s, the robust Ankarsrum Assistant Original from Sweden, has kneaded, mixed, shredded, whisked, blended and ground in Swedish kitchens. The 8-quart mixer features a stainless steel bowl and is distributed and manufactured by hand in the mill town of Ankarsrum, Sweden. Ankarsrum Kitchen AB is launching a new and improved model in the U.S. market. The plastic control knobs have been replaced by chrome-plated zinc for improved durability, with a seven year warranty, one of the longest warranty periods among all mixers sold. Designed for the modern kitchen of 1940, yet perfect for the millennial kitchen of today. 18 attachments are available. SRP: $699.
Ankarsum Original USA, 770-516-0577, www.assistent-original.se, IHHS L11056

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Mugs
Zojirushi adds new colors to its double-wall vacuum Insulated stainless mugs. The SM-LA36/48/60 comes in three sizes: 12, 16 and 20 ounces; and four colors: Deep Cherry, Rose Gold, Turquoise Blue and Navy. A new 2-step method for disassembly and reassembly of the lid set ensures no accidental leaks and helps prevent loss of parts. The SMSC36/ 48/60 has a lightweight design for portability. The tight fitted flip-open lid with lock prevents beverages accidentally leaking or spilling. All sizes — 12, 16 and 20 ounces— will be available in Coral Pink, Turquoise Blue and Slate Gray.
Zojirushi American Corp., Torrance, Calif., 800-264-6270, www.zojirushi.com, IHHS L12106, S1713

Tahiti Mills
Peugeot Tahiti Duos are now available in a fresh new color palette inspired by nature in its seasonal glory. Each set features gracefully curved 6-inch pepper and salt mills that are made in France from local PEFC-certified beech wood. Spring features green and yellow mills. Summer are two blue hues. Autumn features two vibrant orange hues, pictured. Winter colors are warm chestnut browns with red undertones.

The mills in each Tahiti Duo Set have different mechanisms, one optimized for pepper and one optimized for salt. These mechanisms are highly efficient and fully adjustable, offering a consistent high output grind. SRP: $65 per set.
Peugeot, Rosemont, Ill., 877-777-5914, www.peugeot-saveurs.com, IHHS S2267

Fante's Cousin Patricia's Olive Oil Can
Fante's Cousin Patricia's Olive Oil Can is perfect for storing and dispensing olive oil, cooking oil and vinegars. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with FDA-approved silicone, the 50 ml capacity can comes with a specially vented spout which pours without splashing. Beautifully designed, the oil can looks great on the countertop, table, or next to the grill. Dishwasher safe. SRP: XXXX

The popular Evo Oil Sprayer, the first non-aerosol trigger sprayer, is now available in glass. This reusable and recyclable container consistently dispenses 1.35-milliliters per trigger pull. The unique fan pattern covers more cooking surface using less oil; no propellants or chemicals are used. Perfect for portion control. Evo can replace aerosol cooking sprays or butter substitutes. Try it when making a waffle or pressing a panini. 6-ounce capacity. SRP. $29.99.
HIC, Harold Import Co., Lakewood, N.J., 800-526-2163, IHHS S1452

16-Speed Digital Hand Mixer
The Nesco 16-Speed Hand Mixer features a 300-watt motor and a comfortable soft grip handle for extended mixing, whipping or kneading. An electronic digital LED display and fingertip control allows for easy switching between speeds. A built-in timer helps keep track of mixing times. Lightweight DC motor delivers high power. SRP: $44.99.
The Metal Ware Corp., Two Rivers, Wis., 920-794-3163, www.nesco.com, IHHS L12702

Freezable Can Coolers
PackIt, known for its top-selling gel-lined, freezable lunch bags and totes, has expanded its product offerings into the lifestyle market with the release of three stylish products — freezable can coolers in two sizes, a grocery bag and a wine bag.

PackIt is a foldable, freezable bag that works just like a refrigerator on the go, continually chilling items for hours. The secret is a special freezable gel built into the walls of the bag. Simply store the entire bag in the freezer overnight. Once the bag is frozen, its walls generate waves of cold air that chill your food and drinks from all sides. The company's patented built-in technology keeps items cool all day without ever needing ice packs. It's so powerful that it can even drop the temperature of liquids 25 degrees within the first hour. For more information visit www.packit.com

The 9- and 18-Can Coolers have a reflective tab for increased visibility and safety, plus an adjustable shoulder strap and a haul handle. The exterior also features ample storage, with one large and two small mesh pockets and a top zip pocket. SRP: $24.99 and $29.99.

The PackIt grocery bag keeps perishable groceries fresh and safe while running errands. SRP: $24.99.
PackIt, Westlake Village, Calif., 805-496-2999, www.packit.com, IHHS N8525

Vitamix Ascent Series Blenders
Vitamix Ascent Series is a new line of blenders. This series combines state-of-the-art design with power and precision, along with intuitive controls and a family of interchangeable self-detect containers.

Four different models are available. Each Ascent Series machine comes with a 64-ounce container and a clear lid. Ascent Series machines can be used with additional containers: a 20-ounce cup and an 8-ounce bowl, which come with lids that are perfect for blending and serving. All three containers are dishwasher safe. A variety of high-end finishes — including metallic finish options — are available on some models. Vitamix Ascent Series machines are the first Vitamix blenders that come with a 10-year full warranty.
Vitamix, Cleveland, 877-848-2649, www.vitamix.com, IHHS L12147

Premier Elite Ceramic Cutlery
Kyocera's Premier Elite Cutlery combines style with functionality. The Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIP) ceramic blade provides superior strength and sharpness and is decorated with a pattern reminiscent of a traditional Japanese Zen sand garden. A black Pakka wood handle, featuring stainless steel rivets and bolster, complements the blade. The handle has a distinctive flat-sided oval shape. The razor-sharp ceramic blade made of Kyocera's proprietary Zirconia Z206 ceramic holds its edge up to 10 times longer than other professional knives, including carbon steel. Manufactured in Japan. The collection includes a 3-inch Paring Knife (KTN-075), 4.5-inch Utility Knife (KTN-110), 5.5-inch Santoku Knife (KTN-140), 6-inch Santoku Knife (KTN-160) and 7-inch Chef's Knife (KTN-180). Packaged in gift boxes. SRP: $139.95 - $299.95.
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp., Costa Mesa, Calif., 800-537-0294, www.kyoceraadvancedceramics.com, IHHS S1745

Click 'n Curl Spiralizer
Handheld and easy to use, Kuhn Rikon's Swiss-made Click 'n Curl Spiralizer turns fresh veggies into noodle and ribbon shapes.

The small or large cone clicks onto a Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler or Julienne Peeler. Then, place the vegetable inside the cone and turn to create ribbons or noodles. Use the straight edge peeler for ribbons and the julienne peeler for noodles. Both cones work with either peeler and are removable for storage. The small cone fits veggies up to 1.5-inch diameter, perfect for carrots, parsnips, broccoli stalks, and more. Large cone fit veggies up to 2.5-inch diameter, and is ideal for zucchini, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and more.

The set includes a small cone (orange), a large cone (green), Original Swiss Peeler and Julienne Peeler. SRP: $18. Available for summer shipment.
Kuhn Rikon, Novato, Calif.,800-662-5882, www.kuhnrikon.com,IHHS S901

Premium Clad Cookware
Swiss Diamond reveals the Premium Clad collection. Made from five layers of specially selected heat-conducting metals, the Premium Clad line is encapsulated by stainless steel and features smooth rounded edges. Premium Clad also features ergonomic, welded handles, which don't trap food and bacteria.

The cookware features five layers: 18/10 stainless steel, pure aluminum, alloy aluminum, a second layer of pure aluminum and finally an induction-compatible 18/0 magnetic stainless steel base layer. In combination, these metals provide efficient, even heat distribution.

Oven safe up to 500 degrees (260°C), Premium Clad cookware from Swiss Diamond offers a host of other cooking benefits on top of its enviable heat conduction. The collection features see-through lids and cast stainless steel knobs. The lids are constructed of heat-tempered glass that is safe for use in the oven while the knobs afford steam-release venting to prevent noisy rattling.

To aid in adding ingredients, the Premium Clad pots and pans are etched with capacity markings. As such, they allow flexibility in the kitchen by eliminating the need for measuring cups. Each item in the new collection is finished in a beautiful satin exterior from top to bottom. Aesthetically speaking, Premium Clad cookware is as visually attractive as it is functional. Dishwasher safe, the entire collection comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Fry pans, saucepans, Dutch ovens, stock pots, sauté pans, chef pans and woks are all part of the Swiss Diamond Premium Clad lineup. They can be purchased individually or as part of a 10-piece set. They retail for $99.95 and up.
Swiss Diamond, Charlotte, N.C., 704-900-6622, www.swissdiamond.com, IHHS S3224

Drinkmate's new Spritzer is the only portable beverage carbonator that enables easy at-home carbonation of any beverage from juices, cocktails, iced tea, and even beer. It features a very small footprint, measuring only 14 x 5 inches for compact storage. Additionally, Spritzer features a removable and patented fizz infuser and a multi-valve system that allows the rate at which carbonation is released and also allows the unit to be easily cleaned. Spritzer is available in three contemporary colors: white, black and red. No electricity or batteries required. SRP: $89.99. Available summer.
Drinkmate, Ann Arbor, Mich., 734-531-6324, www.idrinkproducts.com, IHHS L13326

Joseph Joseph Nest Chop
Inspired by the ongoing popularity of food television and cooking at home, Joseph Joseph introduces new kitchen cooking accessories designed for the active millennial. Nest Chop is a set of three polypropylene plastic cutting boards designed by Donald Wentworth. Each dishwasher-safe set consists of three cutting boards in graduated sizes that fit together. One curved end on each board acts as the 'foot' to help the boards stand up for compact storage. Ridges on the reverse make the boards slip resistant. Each set is available in two color options, Opal (white, blue and gray boards) or Green (yellow, lime green and forest green boards). SRP: $30.
Joseph Joseph Inc., New York, N.Y., 917-338-0900, www.josephjoseph.com

Ultimate Bar Tool
Microplane introduces several premium gadgets designed to make prepping more efficient and fun. The Ultimate Bar Tool is a seven-in-one gadget that allows bartenders and party hosts to muddle, stir, cut, score, strain and create garnishing twists and peels from citrus fruit. This one tool eliminates the need for a bar tool set. SRP: $14.95.

Also new is the Gourmet Slicer. Similar in function to a mandolin, this tool delivers uniform, 2 millimeter thick slices of cucumbers, radishes, apples, etc. with minimal effort. Easier and safer to use than a traditional mandolin style slicer, this gadget features a razor-sharp slicing blade that easily cuts through even the toughest ingredient and includes a hinged food guard to protect fingers from scrapes and cuts and keeps food aligned over the blade for maximum control and perfect results. SRP: $24.95. 
Microplane, Russellvile, Ark., 800-555-2767, www.microplane.com, IHHS 3643

RBT Barware
RBT is a new wine accessories brand from Taylor. The line includes several stylish barware items with gold accents. The Cocktail Shaker features straighten lines and a thoughtfully designed interior, with an integrated strainer for filtering ice and solids and a removable reamer for citrus juicing. The double-wall insulated cup keeps drinks cold and hands warm. SRP: $50.

The Wing Corkscrew is a hand-finished cast metal wing corkscrew with clean lines and a modern base to simplify the bottle opening process. Unique fixed worm design provides extra leverage for opening and a slip rig at the base makes bottle alignment easy. SRP: $50.

The classic Decanter is paired with a warm acacia wood coaster and micro-perforated aerator. A micro-perforated strainer removes impurities and sediment, and an aerating funnel oxygenates wine by flowing liquid across the insides walls of the glass. SRP: $100. Other items include a tabletop corkscrew. SRP: $150.
RBT, Seattle, Wash., 866-843-3905, www.madebyRBT.com, IHHS S4447

WMF Basic Water Decanter, 2-Piece Fruit Skewer Set 
German cookware manufacturer WMF's tapered glass carafe adds style and convenience to water service. Its silicone top opens automatically when the carafe is tipped. An integrated strainer in the top holds back ice cubes and fruit that may be used to flavor the water. A set of curved Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel skewers is available in two lengths, approximately 7 and 9 inches. Thread fruit on the skewer and attach it to a hook on the silicone top for an attractive presentation of a water garnish. SRPs: 34-ounce decanter: $60; 51-ounce decanter: $75; 2-piece fruit skewer set: $16.
WMF Americas, Indian Trail, N.C., 800-966-3009, www.wmfamericas.com

Hello FUNctionals 4-Sided Grater with Storage 
Hello FUNctionals, a new line of hand tools and gadgets from WMF, combines innovative design with unexpected features. Among the standouts in the collection is a 4-sided stainless steel grater with an SMMA plastic storage tray that collects what's grated. Grate coarse or fine, slice firm vegetables and fruit, or cut cheese and chocolate into ribbons with the same tool. SRP: $39.99.

The assortment also includes: pasta serving spoon with portioning device in the handle, adjustable wire Flexi whisk, nesting peeler and julienne tool, magnetic trivet, serving spoon with integrated thermometer and tool rest, plus other dishwasher-safe implements. The 17 items in the line come carded in a 6-pack or boxed in 2 pieces per pack. SRPs: $9 and up: double peeler: $9; pasta serving spoon: $12.99.
WMF Americas, Indian Trail, N.C., 800-966-3009, www.wmfamericas.com

Prestige 8-inch Chef's Knife
The most versatile of the Swiss Diamond Prestige Knives Collection, this 8-inch Chef's Knife is great for busy cooking enthusiasts who are constantly slicing, dicing and mincing. Each Prestige Knife undergoes an eight-stage process of grinding and sharpening, making the cutting edge super sharp and easy to maintain. This Chef's Knife features a full tang handle for highest strength and is made from the German steel. For optimal performance, realign the knife blade weekly. SRP: $160.
Swiss Diamond, Charlotte, N.C., 704-900-6622, www.swissdiamond.com, IHHS S3224

Suction Lids
Lightweight, reusable, stackable, silicone Suction Lids allow cooks to reduce the use of plastic wrap and foil when refrigerating foods prepped for cooking later or storing leftovers. The lids suction onto glass, metal and ceramic bowls, pots and containers, creating a tight seal. The lids are safe for the oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. Available in clear, red, orange and green, the Suction Lids feature a steam valve for microwave use and a top-grip handle. Prices range from $8 to $20 depending upon size, and they are also available in sets.
Lékué USA, New Castle, Del., 302-326-4805, www.lekueusa.com, IHHS S858